Friday, December 30, 2016

Summer Bucket List Days 8-14

Our second week of summer included our first trip to the Farmer's Market, more trips to the library, movies with a friend, golf, water balloons, swimming, and a birthday celebration for Josh. Summer was shaping up to be lots of fun! 

Day 8: Bike riding to the farmer's market for some fresh blackberries, jam, and peaches and then seeing Angry Birds with Eli's friend, Hayden, later that afternoon. 

Day 9: Rode our bikes to the library again and while I was browsing for some books for me, this kid finds his books and checks out all on his own. He is getting so independent! 

Day 10: Eli cashed his checks from his lawn mowing business (Eli's Tiger Mowing Service), played Legos and other games, and donated old toys and clothes to the shelter. 

Day 11: Celebrated Cooper's 7th birthday with a swim party at his house and then got a treat from the ice cream truck later that afternoon. 

Day 12: My two favorite boys decided to go play a round of golf together.

Day 13: VBS with Hayden and Stephen, more treats from the ice cream truck, and water balloon games in the backyard. 

Day 14: We celebrated Josh's 37th birthday by baking him a strawberry cake (his favorite) and spending the day with him. 

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