Saturday, August 18, 2012

Grammy and Pop's Visit

After our Little Spiderman had a nap, we all went for a swim in our pool. It was kind of overcast that day, but we didn't mind. Eli, Grammy, and Pop all had lots of fun swimming together.

Eli was determined that Pop was going to jump the exact way he did. He made sure to give him step by step directions on how to jump with crazy hands and crazy feet.

Eli went first. All he did when he jumped was wave his hands and feet around in the air before he landed in the water.

Then it was Pop's turn...

Pop never disappoints :) You can always count on him for a good laugh. I love that he doesn't care if he looks silly or stupid. If it makes Eli giggle and laugh, he's all for it!

Eli said Pop didn't do it right, so he had to show him again.

These two are best friends!

Pop decided to go with something he knew...the cannonball.

Hehe, I love his face on this one :)

Eli always looks so happy when he jumps off the diving board.

Daddy came home from work and joined us in the pool.

Eli told him about jumping with crazy hands and feet, so he gave it a try :)

Eli said it was a good try, but it still wasn't right. Haha! My little man has high standards!

Grammy loves her little man :)

We told Eli to smile at me when Daddy was throwing him in the air and this is what we got. He's so much fun!

What's up with the hands? HAHA!

After a busy day of swimming, playing, doing puzzles, and watching the opening ceremony of the Olympics, it was soon time for bed. Grammy and Eli settled down to read another chapter in the third Magic Tree House book. Eli is really enjoying those books and I love it because he's forced to use his imagination because there aren't that many pictures in the book. We're still reading one chapter a night, but I think he'd sit still for a least two or three if I tried. 

The next morning was all about Spiderman again. Eli donned his mask and he and Grammy found some old Spiderman cartoons for him to watch on her iPAD. He was in love!

All too soon, Grammy and Pop had to go. They were driving down to see Josh and Andrea next, so they needed to get on the road. We had so much fun with them and we can't wait to see them again!

Oh, these two boys....they're peas in a pod. 

We love you, Grammy and Pop!

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