Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Glenn Gang Comes to Visit-Day One

Our last round of guests before summer officially ended were our friends, Dan and Nicki, and their boys, Jonah and Micah. Around the beginning of July, Nicki let me know that they were all coming in town for a couple of days before school got started. I was so excited! Eli and I last saw them when they came to visit last year, and I couldn't wait to see them all again! They moved to Florida three years ago and this was the first time that Dan got to come back "home" to visit. They stayed with us while they were in town and we had the best time! (Well, until Josh got another case of diverticulitis and then that ended the fun for him.)

Dan, Nicki, and Micah arrived Monday night after supper. Jonah spent the night with Nicki's old boss, Mr. Jimmy, but he was going to come over in the morning. Eli and Micah played and had lots of fun together, but pretty soon it was time for both of them to go to bed. We put Eli and Micah down and then the adults stayed up until well past midnight talking, visiting, and laughing. It was just like old times! It made me miss all the nights we spent together when they lived here...good times :)

Eli giving Micah his little "happy". We gave him two Elmo books.

The next morning we were all up early...some of us a little earlier than others. Micah, who is usually a champion sleeper who sleeps until 9 or 10 o'clock every day, decided to wake up at 4:55 a.m. Yeah, his Mommy was not very happy about that :) After some coffee though, we were all ready for the day. We started off our day with some pool time. We all had a blast! The boys loved swimming with each other and unbeknownst to Nicki and me, they all had matching swimsuits! You know what they say about great minds :)

Micah loved "jumping" off the diving board. Dan just had to give him an extra little shove to make sure his head cleared the board :) Micah is definitely fearless!!

Jonah and Eli loved jumping off the diving board, too!

At one point, Eli started jumping with his sunglasses on and that made him do weird things with his hands because he tried to catch them before they fell off in the water. All these pictures of him like this make me laugh :)

Jonah's goggles broke at some point and he even though we tried to tell him that the salt water didn't hurt his eyes, he didn't believe us. This was how he jumped and swam from that point on...

My lil' gangsta ;)

I love this one of Micah! 

I love these three boys so much! I wished we all lived closer to each other!

After all that swimming, our boys ate a really good lunch and then it was time for Eli to take a nap. Dan, Nicki, Jonah, and Micah had to go visit some more friends. 

Before we left though, Eli had to give Jonah his birthday gift! I honestly don't know who was more excited...

We blew up lots of balloons and filled them with dollar bills. Jonah had to pop the balloons to get his money. All the kiddos loved helping! 

Before they left, we took some pictures of the boys on our stairs. I'll just reiterate how much I love these three

Look at my friend and her precious family!

We all met up again later that night at Tim and Belinda's house for some fried fish, hushpuppies, and more desserts than I can even begin to describe. The boys had fun playing outside while the men cooked the food. We were able to contain the three of them again for a few seconds to get some pictures. Eli was super excited when we got to Tim and Belinda's because Greg and Cindi left a surprise for him...a new toy gun!

Love little boys in blue :)

Eli was trying to get Micah to turn his face and smile...

It worked :) Haha!

Love and miss this girl so much!

Eli and Zue-Zue

Mammy and Eli

Me with my two favorite boys in the entire world

We had so much fun visiting with all our friends. By the time, night time rolled around we were all exhausted. We went home and all slept really well that night!

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