Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Glenn Gang Comes to Visit-Day Two

Our next adventure with our friends was a trip to Memaw Tim's farm. Jonah for some reason started calling Tim "Memaw" when he was a baby and the name stuck. Jonah has been visiting Tim's farm since he was a little baby, but this was Eli's first time to go. We were all excited about getting to see all the farm equipment and getting to ride on the tractor. The only hiccup was that our visit to the farm fell right in the middle of Eli's normal naptime. He wasn't that willing to cooperate with pictures, but other than that he was great. He ended up not napping at all this day, but did surprisingly well! Nicki couldn't come with us because she had a lunch date with a friend and Josh couldn't come either because he was still sick. Poor thing is still getting over this latest bout with diverticulitis. B, Tim's wife, came and met us at our house and then we all rode to the farm together. 

We got to the farm and took some pictures while we waited for Derek to come by with the combine. Eli and Jonah were going to ride the combine with Derek and Micah and Dan were going to ride the tractor with Tim. 

Micah and Jonah showed each other some brotherly love while we were waiting.

It was really hot, so Eli consented to take a picture in the shade of the tractor.

Finally, we spotted the combine making its way to us. Today the boys were going to get to watch it cut milo.

They loaded up and then took off. Eli and Jonah were both so excited!

Dan and Micah loaded up with Tim in the tractor and went for their ride, too. Rather than stand in the hot sun, Belinda and I retreated to my air conditioned car to wait for the boys to finish their rides. When we saw the tractor get close, Tim let us know that Micah had fallen fast asleep. Since I was on picture taking duty for Nicki, I made them stop when they came by so I could take some pictures.

Eli and Jonah finished their ride about the same time. Eli loved it and immediately asked why I didn't let him ride longer. Haha! I guess another trip to the farm is in our future!

The combine was pretty dirty from all the dust and Eli's hands got yucky when he climbed down. He proceeded to wipe his face with his dirty hands making him look like he had lots of fun :)

I asked Jonah if his hands got dirty and he said they did but he just wiped them on his shorts :)

B and Jonah

Micah was a little dazed and confused when his ride on the tractor was over. That baby had a great nap!

We said goodbye to Memaw Tim and B and headed back to the house. After checking on Josh and making sure he was okay, we decided that the only way to cool off was to go swimming. That worked out perfectly because Nicki got back in time to join us and our friends the Hargons got to join us too!

We all had popsicles before getting in the pool and as you can tell Jonah really enjoyed his!

All the kids 


Jonah and Marlie

We had a great time swimming, playing, talking, and catching up. We all came in and ate a yummy dinner and then it was time for church. Today was the last day that we really got to spend with Dan, Nicki, and Jonah. I'm so glad we were able to squeeze so much fun into our day!

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