Saturday, August 18, 2012

My Little Spiderman

The week before school started Josh and I had a marathon week of guests who came to town to visit. We started off with Grammy and Pop! They arrived Friday around lunch time and the first thing they did was give Eli a surprise. As soon as he heard the word surprise, he climbed onto the couch and assumed the position :)

He was so excited to see that his surprise was a Spiderman mask and a Spiderman puzzle! My baby has not even seen the first Spiderman cartoon or even read a Spiderman book, but he LOVES Spiderman. He's just heard other little boys at school talk about him and he's in love. I have to admit he is a pretty cool superhero! From that moment on, everything Eli did was in the Spiderman mask. I think Grammy and Pop chose a great gift :)

He even had to do his new Spiderman puzzle with the Spiderman mask on :)

I love my little Spiderman!!

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