Monday, November 5, 2012

Balloon Race Saturday Morning

Saturday morning I got a text letting me know that the balloons were flying towards the mall across the bridge. We'd all had a late night but I knew that this would be a lot of fun, so we all got up and headed to the mall. Luckily, the coffee was ready to go, so we at least had that to wake us up! There were lots of people already at the mall waiting on the first balloons to fly over, so we had to search for a good spot. Normally, we can park on the edge and sit in the back of my car to watch the balloons, but all the spots up front were taken. We ended up parking and walking to a spot in the field where the balloons would be flying. The goal of this task was for them to drop three beanbags and try to hit certain areas of a target on the ground. 

Eli stuck pretty close to Pop the entire morning-Big Surprise :)

He got cold but wouldn't wear the hood on his jacket so Pop improvised.

Excited to finally see the balloons!

A chevron balloon! My favorite :)

This year was by far the most exciting to watch. Not only were there more balloons than I can recall ever seeing before, but the balloons got into some interesting predicaments during the races from bumping into each other, and getting stuck in trees, to hitting tree branches. Everyone handled it fine though and no one was injured and the balloons made it through just fine!

The race only lasted about an hour, so when it was over we stopped by the donut place and got some yummy breakfast. Josh even treated Eli to a chocolate covered donut with sprinkles. Eli was just a little excited about that! We had lots of fun and were looking forward to watching more balloons later on that day!

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