Monday, November 5, 2012

Saturday Afternoon at the Balloon Races

After the balloon races Saturday morning, we went back to our house to wait for the rest of my family to arrive. Josh, Andrea, Tinsley, Caleb, and Kailey were all driving in for the day. I like all of them, but I have to be honest that I was kind of looking forward to seeing my niece :) It had been too long since I had gotten to hold her and I was ready to see her sweet little face!

We all ate some gumbo and then the girls (minus Tinsley) left to do a little retail therapy. The boys and Tinsley hung out at the house and watched football. Later that afternoon, I got a text saying the balloons were going to be flying over the river. We called the boys and told them to head to the levee and we'd meet them there. The weather was absolutely perfect so while we waited for the balloons to start flying we took some family pictures. It had been a long time since we had all been together and we needed some new pictures!

My mom and dad finally got a picture with both grandbabies. Of course, mine looks like a ragamuffin kid and Tinsley looks as precious as can be, but oh well. 

I LOVE her lips!

The Dixon girls

Sweet ruffle booty

Sweet girl!

Finally, after waiting for about an hour, the balloons finally started flying, but in the wrong direction! They were supposed to be going across the rather but every one of them was flying in the opposite direction towards the area of town where we live. Josh, Andrea, Kailey and Caleb all had to leave so we took a couple of pictures of them with the balloons behind them and then they got on the road.

We waited around on the levee for a little longer and then decided to just head home and see if we saw any balloons in the fields around our house. We pulled into our neighborhood and saw about 6 balloons all over! Who knew they were going to land in our front yard?!?! I felt so bad about telling everyone to meet us at the levee because we would have had the best seats if we'd just stayed home! Oh well!

Eli really wanted a balloon to land in our front yard so he went into the house to get some tape to make an "X" for them to know where to land.

Well, they didn't see the X in the front yard, but they must have seen one in the back because a balloon landed there! Eli was very excited about having a balloon in his yard!

It was such a great year for the balloon races! I'm so glad all my family was able to come in so we could spend time with each other. I can't wait until next year when we see the balloons again!

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