Sunday, November 25, 2012

Opening Birthday Presents

This was the first year that Eli didn't open his presents at his party and it just made everything so much easier. There wasn't any fighting or tears and the kids didn't have to sit and watch Eli open things and then not get to play with them. It was definitely a win in my book. After the party, we loaded up all the party gifts and went to our house. Eli opened his presents at home and it was great. He didn't have to rush and he was able to take his time with each gift. If he wanted to play with each gift as he opened it he could and didn't have to worry about rushing through all his presents. I think this may be how we do the gift thing from now on.

Zue-Zue gave his Jake's Magical Sword

Grammy and Pop gave him a "super awesome" Lightning McQueen that has wings. 
Eli had been asking for this for a long time.

Caleb and Kailey gave him a Spiderman web shooter (silly string).
Of course, he had to try it out immediately!

Pop had to be the villain :)

Josh, Andrea, and Tinsley gave him a playhouse that looks like
Jake's ship, Bucky. All the boys had to pretend to be part of 
Eli's crew.

Eli with all his presents from his family and friends.
Thank you all so much! He loved each and every gift!

After Eli opened up all his presents, Grammy and Pop wanted to take some pictures with Tinsley and Eli. Everyone was in a great mood so the pictures turned out really cute!

Eli even showed Tinsley his new "super awesome" Lightning McQueen.

I love this sweet girl!

It was such a great end to a wonderful birthday party weekend. I can't wait until everyone is all together again! 

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