Monday, November 5, 2012

Halloween Party at School-2012

On Halloween, Eli's school let them dress up in their costumes so they could go trick-or-treat through the school. My principal let me take the morning off so I could go be with Eli while he trick-or treated and I'm so glad I was able to! I had so much fun seeing all his friends dressed up in their costumes. I had a lot of fun spending the morning with them.

Sweet Hannah

Eli decided he wanted to be Spiderman this year for Halloween at school.

Sweet little Spidey!

Best Friends

After they trick-or-treated through the school and got more candy than any 3 year old could ever consume, they went back to their classroom for their Halloween party.

Riley went as the Tooth Fairy

I loved how Levi "cheesed" for the camera!

We attempted to get a picture of everyone in their costumes and it turned out pretty well considering we were dealing with about 20 three year-olds!

All the kids changed clothes and then they had their Halloween party. They did their party in centers. They had a game center, a painting center, a craft center, and a snack center. 

All the kids loved the painting center. They were very serious when they were painting.

They made a super cute handprint bat at the craft center.

Best friends

Eli surprised me at the snack table and didn't just eat junk. Mrs. Paige said he's been doing so much better with eating at lunch time. I'm so happy about that because he's never been an eater!

Eli and Mrs. Paige

After all their centers the kids went outside to play and burn off some energy. I had to leave to go back to work, but I'm so happy I was able to spend this time with Eli and his friends at school. It was lots of fun!

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