Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Halloween Night 2012

Halloween night Eli decided that he wanted to go dressed as Jake the Pirate. I was secretly really happy about this decision because I knew how cute he was going to look in it, and I was right! While we waited on Daddy to get home from work so we could go trick or treating, we went outside and took some pictures. My little pirate was the cutest thing ever!

Pirate Face = Scrunch Up Your Nose

Taking these pictures also helped me out with his birthday party which was coming up that weekend. I was able to use some of these as decorations! I love when little details work out like that!

Once Daddy got home we loaded up in the truck to go trick-or-treat. Our first stop was to my friend Torri's house, or ToTo as Eli calls her. She and my friend Judy from work and her other friend Ginna were going to be passing candy out to all the neighborhood kids and she'd asked us to stop by. Torri and Trey, her husband, just bought this house and they've been working their tails off updating it. Torri's mom used to work for the doctor that lived here so the house holds a lot of sentimental value to her. The house is looking FABULOUS and I love stopping by to see all the progress. We took a couple of pictures at Torri's house and then moved on to our next stop, Trunk-or-Treat, at our church.

Eli and ToTo

Isn't Torri's door just precious?!?

Fighting those bad witches

They talked me into wearing a witch hat and taking a picture with them.

Josh said to do "spirit fingers".

We enjoyed walking around and seeing all the neat themes of the trunks. Eli really enjoyed the jumper that the church rented for the event. He played on that thing for so long! He didn't want to leave, but eventually we had to because it was bedtime for Jake the Pirate. It was another great Halloween! Eli got TONS of candy. I let him eat a few pieces and then I confiscated it. Don't judge ;) I'll end up taking it to school to use in my Treasure Box. Now that Halloween was over, it was time to start focusing on Eli's birthday coming up that weekend. I had so much left to do!

Eli thought Mr. Art's costume was pretty cool.

An homage to Josh's favorite show now....Duck Dynasty

Josh and his friend from work, Leslie

Having a BLAST on the jumper!

One of my favorite families...the Shirley family

Our family 
Halloween 2012

Happy Halloween everyone!

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