Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Christmas with My Family

The weekend after Christmas my family all got together at Josh and Andrea's house so we could have our Christmas. This was Mom and Dad's first Christmas in their new house (more on that later), but since they moved the week before Christmas, it was just easier to have it at Josh and Andrea's house.
We got to Mom and Dad's new house Friday night and got the official tour.  They're still unpacking and settling in, but the house looks great! They're so happy!

The next morning we all took it easy. We slept in, ate breakfast, drank coffee, and watched Eli and Pop play his Toy Story game on the PlayStation. I'm super impressed with my son's gaming skills, but I'm glad we don't have one. It would be a constant battle for us! We baked and cooked everything we needed for our Christmas lunch and then headed over to Josh and Andrea's house. 

Their tree was beautiful and full of gifts! Eli couldn't wait to open all his presents! I had to explain to him that he had to eat first and then we were going to open gifts. His response was his usual "But I'm not hungry!" Mealtime is ALWAYS a battle for us with him. I tell Josh all the time to remind me of how frustrating it was during this time when he's eating us out of house and home in a few years.

Tinsley was absolutely precious! She gets more beautiful every time I get to see her. I am in love! Mom and I couldn't wait to get our hands on her. Since I don't live close to her like Mom does now I got to get her a little more ;) 

We attempted to get some pictures of the kids in front of the tree, but Eli was having way too much fun chasing Caleb and Kailey's dog, Scrappy, around the house. He absolutely loves Scrappy! We were finally able to get him to be still for a few pictures. 

Tinsley's dress came from Kailey. Tinsley looked precious in it!

While we were waiting for the rest of the food to finish cooking, we all started playing Caleb's new game Dance Party on the Kinect. We had so much fun! We were all dancing and laughing!

We all ate our yummy Christmas lunch and even Eli ate enough to satisfy me. Whew! Then it was time for presents! Eli and Pop played the parts of Santa and Santa's helper. There were lots of gifts to pass out but he did a great job!

Since I've gone burlap crazy, I made everyone in the family a burlap football in their team's colors. My brother was pleasantly surprised when he discovered that I made him one for his all-time favorite team Notre Dame. He was hoping they would beat Alabama, but unfortunately for him that didn't happen...

Josh has been trained very well to smile for me any time I point the camera in his direction :) Here he is showing off his new book light for his Kindle. I bet he never thought he'd be asking for one of these for Christmas!

Mom and Dad showing off their Family Calendar I made for them

Kaiely and Caleb both got movies they wanted.

Tinsley had to take a nap during our lunch, but she was a very happy camper when she woke up!

Mom's strategy for gift giving this year was to give us each 4 things: something you want, something you need, something to wear, something to read. I thought it was cute and simple! My "read" was a Kindle gift card!

Eli made Mom and Dad an original piece of artwork for them to display in their new house next year at Christmas! Grammy loved it!

Tinsley getting sweet sugars from Uncle Caleb

Caleb and Kailey gave Eli the battleship from the movie CARS 2. 
Eli LOVED it!

I loved Andrea's fleur de lis from Caleb!

Tinsley got her first tea set from Grammy and Pop.

Caleb and Kailey wrapped Mom, Dad, and Josh's gifts in prank boxes. They were hilarious! For a moment they all actually thought they were getting what the box described.

Kailey's want was a gift card to Johnny's. Yummy!

Andrea's "read" was a subscription to Real Simple.

New iPad cover from Josh and Andrea

Josh and I gave Dad Apple TV. 

Eli made mom another handprint ornament and I turned his little fingerprints into snowmen. 
It turned out so cute!

Tinsley got her first princess movie from Caleb and Kailey.

Eli's "need" was the troll that goes with his Imaginext castle.

I made Josh and Andrea a photo book of the day Tinsley was born. 
We all had fun looking back and remembering that special day.

We gave Tinsley the LeapFrog dog Violet. 
She was a hit!

My "want" and my "need" was my new Erin Condren Life Planner. 

We all got wonderful gifts and had a great time being together!

Eli and Scrappy

Since EVERYONE in the family was present and accounted for we HAD to do family pictures. It's been a long time since ALL of us have been together! I set the self-timer on my camera and then set it to take 5 pictures in a row. While I was testing it to make sure it worked, these goofballs started acting silly!

I finally got the settings just right and we were able to take a nice, normal family picture. It's perfect!

Caleb and Kailey played around taking pictures with the camera after family pics were over and Caleb started being his goofball self! 

Even Tinsley knows he's just not right :)

I love this picture of them!

It was such a wonderful Christmas. I'm so glad that we were all able to be together to have Christmas. I'm even more thankful that my parents and both of my brothers are now closer to where we live! I love that I can see them more often and we can celebrate more holidays together!

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Aja said...

That looks like such a fun day with super fun gifts! Mealtime is always a battle with Holder too. It wears me OUT to deal with his food drama every day. Thankfully, Miller eats anything we place in front of him, including vegetables. Or I would literally lose my mind...

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