Sunday, January 27, 2013

Weekend in NOLA

A couple weekends ago, we traveled to New Orleans with our friends Josh and Diane for a quick getaway trip. I had not been to New Orleans since about 2003 and a lot had changed. Our weekend basically consisted of eating about every 2 hours, sightseeing, and getting rest. We dropped the kids off at their grandparents houses and then we were off to NOLA. We got there around lunchtime and after checking into our hotel our first stop was the Crescent City Brewhouse. Josh and Diane had been there before but this was our first time to eat there. Diane and I ordered an AMAZING BLT sandwich. Oh my bacon loving goodness! That sandwich was absolutely wonderful! It had tons of thin, crispy bacon, huge slices of tomato, basil, and mozzarella cheese. Both of the boys ordered something really great as well, but I was too focused on mine to remember what they were :) Priorities...

After stuffing our faces we made our way down to Jackson Square. We got there just in time to catch a dance show by a very talented street group. We laughed and laughed at those guys! They were insanely gifted physically and could do all sorts of tricks and dances but I think I enjoyed the comedy they provided more than the dance moves. 

The guy in the front was a NUT! He was so funny!

For their last trick they had seven people kneel down and one of the guys
jumped AND flipped over them! It was great!

After the street show we walked around Jackson Square and took in all the sights, smells, and sounds of New Orleans. I loved looking at all the old buildings and the architecture, especially the church. I love taking pictures of churches!

Love taking trips with this guy!

Love her! I'm so happy we're getting to watch each other's kids grow up!

We made our way through the streets of New Orleans to Pat O'Briens. It was so nice to sit outside on the patio under the heaters and visit. It didn't last too long because it started to rain, so we went inside to the piano bar and we got to listen to two dueling pianos. We loved listening and singing along to all the requests!

We made our way back to Jackson Square because it was time to eat some more. Haha! 

These two are hilarious together!

Our next stop was Cafe du Monde. It'd been a very long time since I'd had cafe au lait and beignets and they tasted SOO GOOD!

We continued our way through New Orleans and headed to the French Market.

We walked along the river walk next to the mighty Mississippi and made our way to the Riverwalk Mall.

Our last stop of the night before crashing at 8:00 (Yeah, we're real party animals!) was to go eat at Drago's. Josh had been telling us about the charbroiled oysters they served there and we all wanted to try them. We weren't really hungry since we'd been eating all day long, but we just HAD to try one. We ordered a dozen first and we each tried one. I was skeptical but as soon as it hit my mouth I was in heaven. It was DELICIOUS! It was like nothing I had ever tasted before. We quickly realized that a dozen wasn't going to cut it. We ordered another dozen and went through those even faster than the first dozen. We ordered a third dozen and when our waitress brought those I quickly counted and realized we'd been given an extra oyster. WHAT?!?! I quickly decided that we had to play Rock, Paper, Scissors because it was the only diplomatic way to see who was going to get the last oyster. We played couple vs. couple first and both boys won. Then the boys played each other and Josh Hargon was the victor. He was ecstatic! We probably looked like crazy people, but we all laughed so hard we were crying. I love these guys so much and I'm so glad we got to take a trip with them! It was just what we all needed!

Chowing down on oysters at Drago's!

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