Saturday, January 12, 2013

Grammy and Pop's New House

For about a year now my parents have been talking about moving to be closer to where all the kids and grandkids are and last month they made the plunge! My parents are now two hours closer to us! I'm in love because that means no more four hour car ride just for a weekend visit. I'm also excited because they are now in a city that Josh and I go to a lot, so we'll get to see them more often. My parents are excited because it means they get to see Eli more and keep him more. Josh, Andrea, and Tinsley live just a city away so Mom and Dad will get to watch Tinsley and keep her for Josh and Andrea when they need a babysitter. They're only an hour away from Caleb, which means they'll see him more. It's just better all around for everyone! . God worked out all the details perfectly and we're all excited about this new adventure for our family! Plus, my parents house is just so darn cute! Congratulations, Mom and Dad, on your new home! We love you guys and are so glad we get to see you more often now!

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