Saturday, May 18, 2013

Disney World-Day One (Magic Kingdom)

After getting soaked at Animal Kingdom, we made our way back to the resort to eat something and to change our clothes. Eli actually fell asleep while we were riding back to the resort, but woke up the minute I tried to lay him down in the bed. His 30 minute cat nap seemed to really revive him and after changing clothes he was ready to go. We made the walk to Old Port Royale to pick up something quick for dinner. The entrance we used made you walk through the retail section before you got to the food court. As soon as we entered, Eli spotted all the stuffed Mickeys and Minnies and he decided he wanted to spend some of his money on a stuffed Mickey. What a great purchase that was! Mickey went everywhere with us from that point on in our vacation. It was quite cute :)

After our dinner we made our way back to the bus stop to catch the bus heading to Magic Kingdom. We wanted to see the Electrical Parade and the Wishes firework show that night.

When we got to Magic Kingdom, I fell in love with how Main Street, U.S.A. looked. It looked like we had stepped back in time to the early 20th century. Everything was lit up so nice and bright! We found some seats along the sidewalk and waited for the parade to start.

While we were waiting, Eli had fun spinning his light up spinning toy...until, he got light up spinning toy envy when he spotted one that according to him was "much cooler"!

It started to rain a little while we were waiting and the announcer came over the intercom and said that the parade had been delayed but would start soon. We waited and waited, then the announcer came on again and said the same thing. We pretty much figured the parade was going to be canceled, but we decided to walk around a little bit until we knew for sure. We left our great seats and made our way down Main Street toward Cinderella's castle. We were halfway there and the lights dimmed and the announcer started welcoming us to the Main Street Electrical Parade. We quickly found a place to stand so we could watch all the while kicking ourselves for leaving our PERFECT seats in the town square. 

The Main Street Electrical Parade was so cool! I loved seeing all the floats and the characters. We saw lots of our favorites!




Alice in Wonderland


Captain Hook and Mr. Smee



Pete's Dragon

Once the parade was over, we continued walking down Main Street until we were in the courtyard in front of Cinderella's castle. The Wishes fireworks show was AMAZING! It was probably one of the best things we did at Disney. Standing there in the rain next to my sweet hubby, holding my precious little boy, I was reminded of just how blessed I am. I was so happy to be at this magical place with my little family creating memories that we would remember for years to come. What a great start to our Disney World vacation! 

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