Saturday, May 25, 2013

Happy 3rd Birthday, Grant!

The weekend after we got back from Disney World, we got to go on another trip. We got to celebrate Grant's 3rd Birthday! Jessie loves to plan parties just like me and she had a cute painting theme for Grant's birthday this year. Everything was adorable!

Eli found Mamaw as soon as we got there and ran to give her a hug. He LOVES Mamaw so much!

We were so excited to see Brett Daniel there! He was just starting to walk and was still quite wobbly. I can't believe he's growing up so fast!

Jessie and me

Jessie and Will

BFF's :)

Eli was kind of in a weird mood that day (happens sometimes) and he really stuck close to Jessie. 
She didn't mind a bit!

Jessie had Will build easels for each kid to use as they painted their masterpiece and then they set up the easels all over the yard. It was so cute!

Addi couldn't take her hands off Brett. She's going to be a big sister very soon and loves being a little momma!

Brett with his favorite aunt :)

Jessie and Grant

Brian, Josh, and Shane

My little artist

Eli finally decided he wanted to paint so I helped draw the outline of a flower for him on his canvas and then let him go to work. He said he was painting the flower for Mamaw.

Zue-Zue came by to check his progress and to sneak a hug from Eli.

Eli was so serious as he painted and when he was finally finished he was so proud. He couldn't wait to get Mamaw and show it to her.

Mamaw LOVED it!

As if the party couldn't get any better, Jessie had a local snowball stand come to the party to make snowballs for all the guests. They were delicious!

Grant chose to have a cupcake and a snowball at the same time.

Then it was time for the Silly String battle. All the kids (big and small) loved this!

Then it was time to sing Happy Birthday to Grant. He looked a little surprised when he heard all the voices singing to him.

There was a little meltdown after the birthday song when it was time to cut the cake. Grant hadn't asked for anything else other than a cake for his birthday. When he realized that they were going to cut it, he wasn't too happy. He kept saying, "No, no, Momma! I want to eat it big!" That sweet boy wanted the cake just for himself!

After the cake, it was present time. As always, all the kids jumped in to help Grant open his gifts.

Brett got a late gift from us since we weren't able to make his first birthday party back in March.

After presents, it was play time again. The kids loved running around, swinging, blowing bubbles, driving the cars, and just have fun!

It was a wonderful party! Grant got so many fun new toys and games. He'll be busy playing with them for a long time. Happy Birthday, Grant!

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