Thursday, May 2, 2013

Wee Ball Game #3

The Wee Ball schedule has been revised at least three times now. Parents were complaining that there weren't enough games scheduled for the kids. WHAT?!? I can't imagine wanting to be busier than I already am...Anyway, they finally worked the schedule out to suit most everyone (let's hope!) and we geared up for Eli's next Wee Ball game. 

Before this game, Mammy came to see her favorite Wee Ball player and get some sugars from him before he took the field. He was so excited to have Mammy, Uncle Clare, and Zue-Zue there to watch his game. Grammy and Pop are going to drive up for a game really soon so we can't wait for that either! 

I love Wee Ball because it's teaching these boys and girls the fundamentals of baseball at an early age-knowing where the play is, knowing who to throw it too, etc. Eli made a great play (with some fabulous coaching from his Daddy) and got a big high five from Josh. 

My little slugger running back to the dugout after making it home!

Wee Ball games last only 45 minutes and praise the Lord for that because these kiddos' attention span doesn't even last that long. I took this picture and immediately started laughing. Look at all the kids! They're all over the place not paying attention to what is going on! 

I've said it before but I'll say it again. Eli LOVES when it's his turn to bat. That's his absolute favorite thing!

He made it to first so Josh was showing him how to take a lead-off for second. These two are going to have so much fun playing baseball in the years to come!

Sweet Molly

Miss Colbie always wants her picture taken :)

My favorite kid in the entire world!

The whole team for this game.
Aren't they just precious?!?

I love how full the ballpark is any day during the week. Everyone from the community is involved in ball and it always seems like the entire town is always there. We finished Eli's game and saw our friends Doug and Angela right behind our field watching their little girl. Doug is the one who built our pool last summer and Eli loved getting to watch Doug and his crew build it. He started calling Doug "Mr. Dougie" and the name stuck. Eli was mesmerized by the pitching machine and climbed right up into Doug's lap to get a better view. 

Hopefully, the schedule won't change anymore before we have Wee Ball game # 4!

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