Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Mini Vacay with Family-Day #1

The week after VBS I was supposed to be going to the beach on my annual girl's trip, but at the last minute things didn't work out. A lot of the girls couldn't go and then the ones that could were bringing their kids and well, it just didn't sound very relaxing anymore. I decided to forego the girls trip-that was now a kids trip-and go visit my parents and brother's family instead.  This worked out much better for Eli too because he and Tinsley really bonded on this trip. They just adore each other and it's so cute to watch them play together. 

Eli and I went to the library that morning to see Harvey Rabbit and after watching him perform, we ate lunch with Josh then left. I decided to stay the rest of the week at my parent's house and just let Eli and Tinsley spend time with each other during the day. 

Eli with Harvey Rabbit and Mrs. Laura

Mom and Dad were still at work when I got to town so I went straight to my brother's house to see them. Andrea said Tinsley had been talking all morning long about "E-i" (Eli) and was so excited when she finally saw him. Eli and Tinsley went to her new big girl room (my nephew Jameson is due to arrive any day now) and they played on her bed, played on the iPad, and took turns pushing each other in her Little Tikes car. It was hard getting them to take a picture together but I managed to get a couple good ones.

There are days I think I would love to have a little girl and then in the same thought I think about how much fun it would be to have a house full of boys. (By the way God, I'm open to either scenario!) I think the part I would love about having a little girl would be doing her hair :) It was fun doing all the girly things with Tinsley this week. My years of doing my Barbie's hair paid off and I was able to get Tinsley to sit still long enough for me to french braid her hair. It was so cute! Her hair is so fine and silky so it fell after a few minutes but it was still very pretty to look at for those first five minutes :)

Mom called to say that she and Dad were off work and asked if we wanted to meet them at a local restaurant for supper that night. We all agreed and loaded the kids up and met them there. Eli didn't want to ride anywhere without Tinsley so we had to switch his booster seat to Andrea's car so they could be together. 

We got to the restaurant and found out it was Kid's Pizza Night. Each kid could make their own pizza and then the cooks would bake it for them. Eli and Tinsley both ordered a cheese pizza and got to work. 

While we waited for our food, Tinsley and Eli took turns giving each other a drink. 

Another fun part to the Kid's Pizza Night was they had a clown come to make balloon animals and paint faces. Eli had her make a Spiderman balloon. Tinsley chose a pretty pink and purple butterfly. 

After we were finished we went to see if the kids wanted to get their faces painted. Tinsley went first. She got some pretty flowers around her face :) 

Eli has never enjoyed getting his face painted so I kind of figured he wouldn't go for his face being painted, but he was okay getting a shark painted on his arm. 

He loved the shark so much that he decided he wanted to get his face painted after all. I was shocked! (It also meant the clown's tip just went up...haha). He looked through her book and chose to get Spiderman painted on his face. He sat very still and afterwards he loved his Spiderman mask. It was perfect! I tried to get a picture of Eli and Tinsley but it was nearing her bedtime and she just wasn't having it. 

He told me this is how superheroes smile. Haha!

We made plans to see them the next day and then headed to my parent's house for the night. Our week was starting off great! 

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