Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Mini Vacay with Family-Day #2

The next morning Eli and I ran some errands around town and then ended up at Toy-R-Us. He had been saving his money because he wanted to buy a Captain America shield toy. This was the first toy he's ever bought with his own money and I think it was a good lesson for him. He was very proud of his first ever purchase.

We stopped at Old Navy and got Andrea a little happy since it was her 30th birthday. Then we met Andrea and Tinsley at Chick-Fil-A for lunch and after both kids ate they went to play in the play area. Tinsley had lots of fun and even climbed up the stairs and went down the slide for the first time ever. She was hooked after that first time though and it was hard to get her off the slides. She chased after Eli and did exactly what he did. I sat inside and watched them both and loved hearing her say, "E-i I coming! E-i I coming!" Precious just doesn't describe it enough!

We left Chick-Fil-A and headed to a splash pad near my parent's house. It was the perfect way to beat the heat that afternoon. Eli and Tinsley had a blast. They ran all over the place splashing and playing in the water. Neither Andrea or I wore our swimsuits so we just took our shoes off and followed the kids around while they played. It felt great just to get my feet wet! And poor Andrea...she was 37 weeks pregnant walking around in that miserable heat so I know the water made her feel better. It made me thankful that the end of my pregnancy with Eli fell during fall. I tried to get pictures of Eli and Tinsley while they played but they were quick! These are some of the ones I was able to capture :)

Tinsley saw me putting on my chapstick while we were taking a break and she had to have some too. She kept saying, "Manna, I need stick." 

Andrea had me put Tinsley's hair in a high ponytail and she looked like quite the diva with it and her pink shades. I could just eat her up!!!

And I can't say enough good things about the way Eli was with Tinsley. He watched out for her and was so patient with her. It made my heart so happy to watch the two of them playing together. 

Since it was Andrea's birthday I volunteered to keep Tinsley that night so she and my brother could go out to eat and celebrate. Eli was super excited about Tinsley coming over to stay the night.

We got back to the house and I let the kids play the Infinity for a little bit while I got stuff for supper ready. Tinsley thinks she's playing and doing exactly what Eli is doing :)

Tinsley let me paint her nails and toes for the first time ever. Well, actually we tried to do it last year but she was NOT having it. This year she loved seeing the pink on her little piggy toes :) 

Tinsley is an animal lover at heart and while I was cooking supper she played with Annabelle. Well, played might not be the right word according to Annabelle :)

She would lean over and say "Annabelle, I wuv you!"

It felt great to cook a quick meal-salmon croquettes, mac-n-cheese, and lima beans-for these two kiddos. Tinsley had never eaten salmon croquettes and when she saw them cut up she said "It's chicken!" Haha! Sure thing kid! Eat that chicken up :)

I knew they would be super tired (who am I kidding? I was SUPER TIRED!) and I wanted (needed) them to go to bed early. We all needed lots of sleep :) Tinsley and Eli gobbled up their "crunchies" (as Eli calls them) and then we did bath and bed. Whew! It'd been a very busy but fun day and the next day was going to be full too!

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