Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Playing in the Fountains with Grant

Grant and Jessie came to town a couple of days one week and while they were here we had a couple play dates with them. Eli LOVES just being able to play with kids close to his own age so he and Grant had a great time together. We had one day where the boys stayed at our house and played there. The next day we made plans to meet Grant and Jessie at the water fountains at the river front before they left to go back home. This was our first trip to the water fountains this summer so it was fun to share that experience with a friend. 

It was SO HARD to get a posed picture of these two :)

My lil' cutie :)

Eli jumped up on the flag stand and then next thing I heard was "Take a picture, Mommy!" I looked behind me and saw this. Sometimes he hates pictures and sometimes he loves them...you just never know!

These two boys had such a fun time together!

It looks like Eli is really reading this but he was making it up as he pointed. 
It was a really great story though so props on his imagination :)

Eli's picture taking skills are getting better. 

After about an hour of playing in the water, we changed the boys into dry clothes and then drove to the new yogurt place in town. YUM-O! It was such a fun afternoon! I'm glad we had the chance to see Grant and Jessie and spend time with them!

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