Thursday, July 10, 2014

Mini Vacay with Family-Day #3

The next morning Eli and Tinsley woke up in great moods. Mom and Dad had gotten back late the night before (they FINALLY closed on their old house!!!) so they didn't get to see either one of their grand babies before going to bed. Eli and Tinsley were happy to spend some time with their Grammy before she had to go to work. I made muffins for the kiddos and then we planned what we were going to do with our day. 

After breakfast they played in the crib together for a little bit :) Crazy, little monkeys!

I planned on keeping Tinsley for another night so after coordinating with Andrea on a place to meet to get more clothes for Tinsley the three of us set off. Our first stop was Whole Foods. Josh has been following a more Paleo type diet so he wanted me to get him some almond flour and some Paleo wraps he can use when we do tacos or burritos. I love Whole Foods and usually the only time I visit one is when we see Josh's dad in Dallas. I was excited about going. 

I loved looking in my rearview mirror and seeing these two cute faces :)
When we got to Whole Foods Eli and Tinsley both announced they were hungry (great timing kids) I know it's a fresh food, organic, healthy place but I also know that no kid turns down a cookie. We went straight to bakery and got cookies for both of them. They chowed down while I shopped in peace :)

After Whole Foods we went to the mall to meet Andrea, get some lunch, and ride the carousel. Fun, fun, fun!

I asked Eli what he wanted to do and he said the Splash Park again so that's what we did. Tinsley was so happy to go "swimming" again :)

These two kiddos played their little hearts out. They were both exhausted by the time we left but neither one fell asleep in the car on the way back to Mom and Dad's house. I was sure they would have! Mom and Dad got off work and we all made plans with Josh and Andrea to meet at Chuck-e-Cheese that night so the kids could play. When we got there Tinsley wouldn't let anyone else but Eli get her out of her car seat. This is how she was everywhere we went that day!

The kids had a blast at Chuck-e-Cheese and the adults had lots of fun watching them play. The pizza wasn't half bad either :) Eli had saved some tokens from the last time he stayed with my parents so he didn't even come close to spending all of the tokens he had. That's okay though because he'll have even more when he goes back again! 

Andrea looking great at 37 weeks pregnant! 
Only a few more weeks to go and then Jameson will be here :)

At the end of the night Eli cashed in his tickets and got some super cool prizes...hahaha! He got some blue shutter shades and two back scratchers-one for him and one for Pop. 

We kept Tinsley with us so she could spend the night with Eli one more night and the entire ride home Eli and Tinsley kept singing the song from "The Elephant Show" called "Skinnamarinky Dinky Dink". It was so cute to watch both of them do the motions and sing the words but after about 10 times in a row, I'd had enough :) We got home and put both kiddos to bed. We had to leave the next day but we were going to squeeze one more day of fun in before we left!

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