Sunday, July 20, 2014

Summer 2014-Update #4

June passed way too quickly and before we knew it July was here! Several years back Eli got one of these build-it-yourself kits for Christmas from Jordan and Addi. He was kind of too young then to use it so I put it away until he was old enough. One night when I had to leave for a little bit, Josh and Eli built the train together. Eli had lots of fun! The next morning he decided to paint it :)

The Saturday after the Fourth of July two of our good friends, Ms. Lori and Ms. Jenn, came over to visit and spend the day with us in the pool. Eli was shy at first but then warmed up quickly to them. We ate yummy food, played in the pool, played basketball, ate more yummy food, and spent lots of time catching up and visiting. It was lots of fun!

Eli has been wanting to learn to tie his shoes for a long time. We've showed him how to do it before, but he lacked the coordination to make the loops and do the wrapping around. This summer it all came together for him. We showed him about 3 times how to do it and by the 2nd or 3rd time Eli had it. We were so proud! I listed all the big kid milestones he's achieved so far (tying his shoes, riding a bike without training wheels, snapping his fingers, blowing a bubble, and reading) to him and told him that my job as a parent was almost done ;) We sent a video of him tying his shoes to all the grandparents so they could see Eli's latest accomplishment! Way to go, dude!

I was washing clothes one morning and came in my bedroom to find Eli watching Toy Story 2 with all his Toy Story friends. These are moments I will remember forever. Anytime he watches a Disney movie and has the characters from that movie they have to watch it with him :) 

He loves Woody and Buzz!

Our zucchini plants are making zucchini like crazy so I'm finding lots of ways to incorporate zucchini into yummy dishes. My favorite is chocolate zucchini bread. IT'S. SO. YUMMY. Plus, it has a vegetable in it :) Also, even though it tastes like cake it's called bread so you can totally have a slice warmed up in the toaster oven with melted butter spread over it every day of the week...if you wanted to that is. It's not like I've ever done that ;)

My zinnias in my flower bed in the front are huge and beautiful so one day I cut some and brought them inside. It was like a vase full of happiness for me :)

My friend Sarah and her family went out of town to Disney World and before they left she told me that we could go out to her house to pick blueberries because they'd be ready while they were gone. Eli and I had fun picking and eating the yummy blueberries. 

On the way back home, we stopped by the library so Eli could get some new books. He's still in the early stages of reading but the Level One books are perfect for him. They're the right mix of known and unknown words. We sat on the floor of the library and read a couple before checking them out and bringing them home. 

I'm very very proud of my beginning reader! I hope he falls in love with reading at an early age :)

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