Sunday, July 13, 2014

Summer Break 2014-Update #3

How is it that June has come and gone? Why is summer flying by so quickly?? I'm not nearly ready to start getting my mind ready for school again, but I know in a couple of weeks I'm going to have to flip that switch and start preparing. 

Eli and I have been having so much fun this summer. We wake up without a plan and just kind of do what we want to do. Most mornings in June I've had to work on our school's yearbook since I'm the editor and summer is really my only chance to work on it like I need to. It's a long, arduous process but I love the finished product. While I work on the yearbook, Eli plays with his toys. It's been good down time for him and he's rediscovered some toys of his that he hasn't played with in a while. 

We've also had lots of fun doing crafts this summer. I've painted a few canvases, growth charts, and even my first wooden cutout sign. Eli brought Mo up to my craft room one morning while I was working and he played with his blocks while I painted. He made a car for him and one for Mo as well :)

The summer reading program at the library has been lots of fun for us this year. Unfortunately, not a lot of children participate in the preschool story time. Eli and I got there one morning and it was just him and his friend, Bryce. Both of those boys had a great time that day though!

A new yogurt place opened in our town and Eli and I have visited about three times already :) I love yogurt and Eli loves the toppings! 

One morning Mamaw called to see what Eli was doing and said she wanted to take him to lunch that day. Eli of course picked his favorite pizza restaurant, Johnny's!

While shopping for birthday gifts for friends, Eli and I found a new Monopoly Jr. game and decided to get it for us. We came home to play and he beat me three times in a row. He's like a Monopoly genius. I have yet to win against this little money mogul. 

Eli and Josh went golfing one afternoon and when they got back they had a friend with them. Eli named him/her Myrtle the Turtle. 

We kept Myrtle for a few days and fed him a diet of spinach leaves, but then we convinced Eli that we really needed to let him go and find a new family. One morning before Josh left for work we all watched as Eli let Myrtle go back into the wild. That turtle was probably feeling very grateful that day! Haha!

We still have plenty of fun planned for the rest of our summer and we're going to make the most of every single minute! School will resume before we know it and we want to make as many fun memories as we can :)

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