Friday, April 10, 2009

First BIG Road Trip

Later this morning, we are all going to load up the Pilot and go on Eli's first BIG road trip. I say BIG because he's never had to sit in his carseat for over three hours. When he was about 2 months, we took a little trip to Monroe to go shopping and he did great; he slept the entire way there and the entire way back almost! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he'll do the same thing on this road trip. My parents haven't seen Eli since he turned 4 months and I'm so ready for him to go visit! It's going to be very interesting though, because Mom and Dad have 3 dogs in the house and 4 cats (Do you think they love animals? Ha Ha!) Eli sees cats at Mammy's every day, but he's never really been up close and personal to a dog, yet, because Maggie pretty much licks his feet and then goes on her merry little way. I hope he'll do great though. If you think about it, say a prayer. I'm going to try to stick to his schedule as much as I can as far as sleeping and eating. Let's hope he cooperates :)

Another reason I'm excited is that we might get to meet one of my blog friends, Cheryl, her little boy, Brody, and one of Josh's childhood friends, Jamie, and her daughter, Olivia. We're going to do our best to try to meet up at the Boardwalk. We'll see how that works out. I'd love to see them since we're going to be in the same town and all.

Eli's still sleeping, so I guess I need to get off the computer and go pack. I'm so glad we bought a bigger vehicle. I have NO IDEA where we're going to put everything that we have to take for this trip. It's going to test my packing skills :)

I'll have lots of pictures to post when we get back Sunday. Happy Easter!

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cheryl & dave w. said...

HAVE FUN!!! we hope we get to meet up! =) i am sure eli will do FANTASTIC on his first road trip and your parents will be so excited to see him! what a memorable first Easter for him! =) i hope your "schedule" works out. that is always my biggest challenge so i know why you are a little nervous. i bet it will be great though!

(oh, and YES, those bigger cars are very necessary at this age....who knew one LITTLE person would need so much stuff??) =)

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