Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Happy Easter from Mammy and Uncle Clare

Our old grill finally bit the dust, so this past weekend, Josh and Tommy went and got a new one. They spent Sunday night putting it together, but we didn't really get a chance to use it. Last night, we finally got to test out the new grill :) We invited Zue-Zue, Mammy, Uncle Clare, and Tommy over for some yummy rotisserie chicken. It took awhile to cook, but it was so GOOD when we finally got to eat it. Yum-Yum!

When Mammy and Uncle Clare got to the house, they had a special Easter basket for Eli. How sweet! Eli went and took his bath and when we got out we let him "open" his basket. (Excuse the winter themed pj's for Easter...I didn't think ahead on that.)

We showed Eli his basket and he immediately went for the books. They gave him two Little Golden books-The Poky Little Puppy and Baby Farm Animals, and they also gave Eli a book about the true meaning of Easter.

After chewing on the books for a little bit, Eli went for the chocolate bunny. Oh, dear! He might have inherited his Mommy's sweet tooth :)

As you can tell, he was a little confused by the Easter grass, but like with anything else, the best way to find out about something is to put it in your mouth. He hated the taste even more than he hated the way it felt!

Thanks, Mammy and Uncle Clare for Eli's Easter basket! We were so "hoppy" to get it! HA! Sorry, cheesy joke, but I had to :)

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