Monday, June 22, 2009

Baby Dedication

This past Sunday was a special day in the life of our little family. Not only was it Josh's first Father's Day, but it was also Baby Dedication day at our church. Long before Eli entered this world, Josh and I knew that Eli belonged to God. From the moment we found out I was carrying him, we gave him up to God. We prayed that God would use Eli's little life to glorify and bring praise to His name. Baby Dedication is more for the parents than it is for the babies. It's not a baptism for the babies nor are they saved once they've been dedicated; rather, it's a time for the parents to make a promise to God that they are going to do their best to raise their child/children the way God would have them to raise them. They are promising in front of family and friends to raise their child in a godly home, to teach them about Jesus, and to be examples of Jesus in their daily lives. It's such an important and special time for everyone involved. Standing on that stage, I was overwhelmed by how blessed Josh and I are. There we were dedicating our precious son, who we had prayed for and dreamed about for so many months. God has been so good to us! We are so very grateful to him.

This year our church had an EXPLOSION of babies. What a wonderful sign of a growing church! Sunday, we dedicated 11 children to God in front of a church filled with family and friends from all over the area. All the babies received a certificate of dedication and a Bible to commemorate this special day.

Happy Father's Day, Daddy!

Blowing bubbles at Sarah (thanks for taking these pics, Sarah!)

Listening intently as Dan explains the purpose behind Baby Dedication

Waiting our turn

Dan reading out Eli's birth info to the church

This is just half of the babies that were up there. WOW!

Praying for God's blessing on all of the families' lives
We are so very very blessed!


Audra said...

I've read about several other churches who also do baby dedications. It' something I've never heard of, but what a wonderful idea! Congratulations on making the best decision YOU can make for Eli!

Jami Ainsworth said...

I meant to bring my camera to document this for "my" babies that were being dedicated. Three of you and all boys! But I guess since it wasn't my child (or grand), I totally forgot about it...that is until I got to church.

cheryl & dave w. said...

so glad you guys were able to participate in such a beautiful "offering". eli is so fortunate to have such Godly and dedicated parents who are doing everything they can to raise in him in the ways of the Lord. good job, momma (and daddy)!

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