Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Time for Questions/Answers

In response to the amazing amount of comments (I need to post stuff like this every day. WOW! I've had a lot responders!), I thought it would be appropriate to answer the questions that I know you guys are dying to ask and only one person did....I knew you'd be curious, Audra! :)

1. Were we trying to get pregnant again?
Yes and no. We knew we wanted to have another baby after Eli, someone he could play with and be close to. We also knew that we wanted them to be close in age. We didn't expect to get pregnant the first go around since it took a lot longer with Eli. Trust me...we were just as surprised as all of you!

2. How far apart will Eli and the new baby be?
About 15 months. Yeah, we're going to have two babies :) One for each of Mommy's hips.

3. How far along are you?
I went to the doctor yesterday and since I wasn't keeping track like I used to it was hard to narrow down exactly when I got pregnant. Sometime around the beginning of May from what they could tell by the baby's size. I'm 6 weeks pregnant--very very early. We actually got a positive pregnancy result from a home test when I was only 4 weeks. We caught this one earlier than Eli. Everything looks good so far. The baby is exactly where it needs to be and we even saw it's tiny heartbeat moving up and down. I'll go back in 2 weeks to check on it again before I start my monthly appointments.

4. When is the baby due?
Since the baby only measured 6 weeks yesterday, they are guessing that the due date is around February 1st. Now I'll have a baby with a birthday a month before Christmas and a baby with a birthday 2 months after Christmas. We'll definitely be pinching pennies then :)

5. Are you going back to work?
Not sure yet. I'll stay home 12 weeks at least with the new baby and then we'll go from there. Eli is going to go to a new sitter's house in August, but once the new baby arrives, he'll be home with me.

6. Do you want a girl or boy?
Part of me wants a little girl and part of me wants a little boy. If we have a girl, then we have one of each and we could potentially be finished having kids. If we have another boy, it'd be great for Eli because he'd have a brother that would be really close to him for playing, but I'd probably want to try again to have a girl. I've made the decision that I'm stopping after 3 boys though! :)

7. What was your first reaction?
Shock, surprise, elation, followed by an immediate prayer of thanks to God. We may not have "planned" this baby, but He's got a plan for it already in the works!

That's all the questions I can think of right now. We are very excited about this new development in our life. We're so happy that our family of three is turning into a family of 4! WOWZERS!

After hearing the news that he was going to be a big brother, Eli decided
he better read up on new babies. It's been awhile for him!


Katie said...

I'm SOOO very excited for you guys. When I saw the picture earlier (great way to announce it by the way), I didn't know what to think! What a wonderful surprise blessing.

You know, Hilliary and Emily are only 13 months apart. It's a really neat bond that siblings share when they're that close in age! BTW: Hilliary just turned 18 and Emily turned 17! WOWZERS!

Audra said...

Audra, the ever so curious one who isn't afraid to ask for details! LOL. Seriously, I'm SO pumped for you guys. I know y'all had a harder time getting pregnant with Eli, so I know this was a blessing in disguise. The Lord--He has such a funny sense of humor! You are so right though; you may not have planned it, but the Lord knows what's best! Congrats again! I'm looking forward to your stories of being a mom of two so I can learn from you!

Calley said...

Congrats Josh and Amanda! I know you guys are so excited! All 3 of ours are close, and our lives have become more blessed with each addition. God bless your family!

Ashley said...

How is your pregnancy going?

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