Monday, June 22, 2009

What Baby Wants, Baby Gets (with the grandparents, of course!)

This past Sunday, Eli was dedicated at our church (that post is coming!). Mom and Dad (Grammy and Pop) drove in Saturday morning to be here for that special time. Eli had just fallen asleep when they arrived, but, in true form, he was up and ready to play in 30 minutes :) He just needed a little bit of recharging, I guess.

Grammy and Pop brought Eli his very own cell phone. He was very excited about that. Now he can call Grammy whenever he wants to and not have to wait on Mommy.

Running the cell phone through the taste test....It passed!

Call 1-800-GRAMMY!

Eli had a great time playing with Mom and Dad. He showed off all his new skills-crawling and pulling up-to them and earned lots of praises and smiles. Soon he was tired of all the crawling and pulling up and wanted to have some cuddle time with Grammy. Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear? is one of his favorite books right now. He picked that one out and he and Grammy read it together.

After story time, Grammy and Pop decided they wanted to buy Eli a baby pool so he could have fun splishing and splashing in his very own backyard. We went to the store and came back 30 minutes later with this cute inflatable pool. This wasn't what we were looking for, but we are definitely glad we went with the inflatable kind because he loves to bump his head against things these days!

Notice his hand in the grass. He LOVES grass!

Checking out the grass again...

Getting splashed by Grammy
Every time someone splashed him, he'd suck in his breath and gasp.

Smiling up at his Daddy

Looking for Maggie, our golden retriever.

He LOVES Maggie these days. His favorite thing to do is to look out the windows of our French doors to see Maggie on the patio.

Daddy didn't really understand the purpose behind these caterpillar stacking cups, but Eli loved chewing on them!

Thanks Grammy and Pop for all the fun stuff you bought Eli this weekend. He's going to get lots of use out of all of it!

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