Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Very Busy Week

This has been a very busy week for our family. Eli has had many new experiences and has learned some new tricks, too! I was going to do several posts on each experience, but I decided to forego that and instead do one long post :) Those of you who don't like to read all my many words, you may begin skipping to the pictures. You're welcome! :)

This week our church is having Vacation Bible School and Eli and I are having so much fun! Our theme this year is the Boomerang Express (a train that goes around Australia). It's been so much fun learning about Australia, learning the lingo, singing the songs, and watching about 150 kids learn more about Jesus. I am a co-director of our church's VBS, so Eli has been coming with me every day this week to VBS. He's loving every minute of it! Usually, he starts off his morning in my little "kangaroo pouch" (A.K.A. Baby Bjorn carrier). He loves being able to look out at all the kids, especially all the pretty girls. He's such a little flirt! He helped me earn my nickname, AMANDAROO, because of him being in his "pouch" all the time. After our opening songs, Eli spends the rest of VBS in the nursery playing with the other babies. He's doing great there, except for he doesn't really sleep. There's so much going on and the 4 and 5 year olds are just 2 doors down from the nursery, so it's hard keeping them quiet, especially when they are having so much fun. It's okay though, because everyday Eli comes home, drains a bottle, and promptly goes to sleep for at least an hour. WOO HOO! I love VBS for that reason alone :)


Since it's summer, I've been trying to let Eli have lots of new experiences. Monday we went to the pool. I've already blogged about that experience. He loved the pool and we will definitely be going back. Tuesday afternoon, he tried out his new "pool" I bought him. My blog friend, Audra, posted pics of her boy Drew playing on this water-filled mat that squirted water. She gave me the link for it, but when I was at Wal-Mart the other day, I ran across this one and thought we'd try it out. I slathered Eli in sunscreen, put on his swimsuit and hat, and we went outside to play in the water. He had an okay time. He's not in love with it, yet, but I think he will enjoy it eventually. He was really tired at this point and pretty much just wanted Mommy to hold him. I did get him to sit and play in the water for a couple minutes before he decided he'd had enough.
We're going to be using this a lot this summer, I hope!

Eli LOVES touching grass. Let's hope he's not allergic like his father!
So far, so good!

I tried my hardest to get him to smile.
He just wanted to look at everything outside.

Not only is Eli having lots of fun experiences this week, but he is learning something new almost every single day. I guess I can say he's crawling now. He's not going all across the room, yet, but he definitely is taking two or three solids steps before he goes back into his army crawl. He enjoys sitting up so much though, that now he'll "crawl" about two steps and then he pops up into a sitting position, and it just keeps repeating. We are definitely realizing that our house is not "Eli proof" and already he has heard the words "No" lots of times. He is so nosey and wants to investigate everything he can get his tiny little hands on. He is just growing up so fast!

Speaking of growing up fast, this afternoon I placed Eli in his crib to play while I hung up clothes in his closet. All of a sudden, I hear a squeal of delight and turn around to see my little man STANDING UP in his crib! Yep! We're officially pulling up now. WOW! That happened so fast. He was so proud of himself, too; it was so cute to see his whole face light up every time he pulled up. Josh's mom said it won't be long before he's crawling over the crib bars...oh goodness! I don't doubt that my little monkey will figure that out very soon as well.

My little monkey :)


Anonymous said...

My sweet little man is growing up WAY to quickly...I'm not ready! He looks so pleased with himself for pulling up on the bed - too cute -

The Glenn Gang said...

I love the first picture of him standng in his crib. So sweet!!!

Anonymous said...

We are doing the Boomerang Express too! Jordan and I are the directors and Brendanroo has enjoyed being my helper :)

Your little man is so handsome!

Aunt Debra said...

I love the pictures! [I read every word also:)] What a handsome little man. As Zue Zue is so famous for saying "I love him!"

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