Thursday, September 24, 2009

Aloha Baby

A few days ago, Eli received a special package in the mail from his Aunt Lisa in California. We opened it up to find two cute little shirts from Baby Gap and a Curious George counting book. Josh has one (a Hawaiian shirt) EXACTLY like Eli's. Do I hear buddy picture or what?

This past Thursday we went over to Zue-Zue's house to eat with Mammy, Uncle Clare, and Uncle Tommy. Eli wore his new Hawaiian shirt and it fit him perfectly! I'm so glad it's still warm so he'll be able to wear it again and actually get some wear out of it. I tried desperately to get a good picture of him in his little outfit, but as Josh's grandfather says Eli is "like a worm in hot ashes" and in the end I settled for these precious open-mouthed pictures. Thanks again, Aunt Lisa! We can't wait to finally see you!

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