Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Football Season Begins!

Saturday Eli and I made our way to Grammy and Pop's house to visit them for Labor Day weekend. Eli and I got there around 2 o'clock Saturday afternoon. He traveled great, as he always does, and was in the best mood when we got to their house. He immediately started playing, chasing the dogs and cats, and checking things out around the house.

Sleeping on the way to Grammy and Pop's house

That night was the first game of the season for the LSU Tigers and our family had a little LSU party. My brother Josh, and his fiancee, Andrea came and brought LSU cookies. Yummy! The whole family was decked out in LSU shirts, including Eli! I thought the yellow football on his booty was too cute to pass up without taking a picture! Eli, Grammy, and I made a quick run into town to get some pizzas for the game and while we were out Eli scored some new toys from Grammy and Pop. It pays to be cute, I guess! He and Uncle Caleb played with them when we got home and Eli decided to show Caleb a thing or two about baby toys.

Cutest little booty ever!

Andrea's LSU cookies

Playing with Uncle Caleb

Before putting Eli down for the night, we all took a picture together. We were ready to cheer our Tigers on to victory! Unfortunately, we were all EXHAUSTED from the day's events, and I think everyone crashed before the end of the fourth quarter. I didn't even make it past the first quarter. Oops! The Tigers didn't need us though, thank goodness, because they got their first victory of the season. I'm so excited about college football. Eli already has several LSU outfits for all the games he's going to attend in the comfort of our living room :) The start of football season is a sign that fall is just around the corner! Cooler weather, we hope, is on it's way!

The Dixon Family

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Avery's Mommy said...

Gotta love a good LSU family :)

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