Sunday, September 27, 2009

Eli's Cabinet

Eli has gotten very curious lately and has learned how to open all of the cabinets in our house. We bought cabinet locks awhile back, but just haven't installed them yet. As you can tell from the last post, it's definitely time that we do. However, I wanted to give him one cabinet that he could play in without hearing "No!" all the time. I found a cabinet that would work and filled it with all sorts of plastic bowls, cups, and spoons, and now when I'm in the kitchen cooking, he can play to his heart's desire. His favorite thing to do in the kitchen is get bowls and cups in each hand and slide across the floor with them. This usually provides several minutes worth of his undivided attention and it's pretty cute to see, too! I've attached two videos of him having fun in the kitchen. As you can tell, he loves being able to play like this!

"Singing" into the cup

1 comment:

Sarah Armstrong said...

We had a cabinet at my nanas that she had all of her plastic lids and containers, that she had for us to play in:)

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