Saturday, September 26, 2009

Drinking Buddies

Eli and Hayden have both been practicing drinking from a sippy cup with Ms. Ashley. I'm so glad that he's actually starting to drink out of one. I started putting the sippy cup on his highchair tray when he was 6 months old to build his interest in it and now, four months later, he's drinking out of it! We've mostly put juice and water in his sippy cup, but on some occasions we'll put his formula in there as well. My plan is to put his whole milk in there in a couple months (without warming it up!) and do sippy cup boot camp with him. I'm already praying that it goes well!

1 comment:

The Glenn Gang said...

We did sippy cup boot camp about three days after Jonah's first birthday. I think I remember the first night being ROUGH then it was pretty easy after that. Good luck!

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