Monday, September 14, 2009

The Fun Has Just Begun!

Eli has been taking steps for about two weeks now, but today he decided he could go long distances! Life is going to be really fun now :) I guess we can say we have a walker on our hands now! (Please excuse my voice in the video. I sound like a frog. You can thank 19 germy kids for my wonderful froggy voice.)


Audra said...

yay Eli!!!! Sorry, Mommy! ;) Fun times ahead!

Jami Ainsworth said...

And all while holding a remote control...what balancing!

Y'all were sitting a few seats up from us Sunday! I could not get over how BLONDE Eli's hair looked. I know it was strawberry blonde looking when I did his six month portraits, but that was blonde, blonde. Wow!

Anonymous said...

He isn't walking...he's running! In such a hurry to see and touch everything. He still seems too little to walk but thats probably just wishful thinking on my part - growing up too fast. He is the same age Josh was when he walked. Precious, sweet baby!!!

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