Saturday, September 26, 2009

Happy Birthday, Hayden!

Today we went to Hayden's first birthday party. He had a wonderful party and really enjoyed his cake! Guy and Kally, his parents and our friends, did a great job decorating and planning. It made me realize that I have exactly six weeks from today before Eli's party is here. WOW! I better get planning! I don't even know where I'm going to have it yet! Guess I better get busy :)

Eli was very subdued today at the party. It was about an hour before his nap time and he was well on his way to dreamland. He may have been tired, but he still had fun pushing scooters around, sitting with Ms. Ashley, eating Cheetos, and watching everything going on around him. We had a great time! Happy Birthday, Hayden!!

Watching Hayden eat his birthday cake

The birthday boy!

Lovin' the cake!

All the kids that were at the party. Guy offered to hold Eli for the picture.

Eli and Ms. Ashley
Eli's thinking, "Why are you here on a Saturday?"

Just a little smirk ;)

Cute birthday cake by Edna

(That's Hayden's sister, Jada, cooling off in the wagon on the right)

Jada and Eli
She is such a great big sister to Hayden and loves Eli as well!

Eli loved pushing this scooter around.
A girl stopped him to check out his ride ;)

My handsome little man

What's a party without Cheetos?

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The Glenn Gang said...

Very cute pictures! Handsome little fella!

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