Friday, October 23, 2009

Balloon Races

Last weekend our area had their annual Balloon Races event. This is one of my favorite events that our area hosts. I love seeing all the colorful hot air balloons. This year, I couldn't wait to take Eli to the races, especially to the Balloon Glow Friday night. It was pretty chilly that night and I hadn't washed any of Eli's winter clothes, so I hurried home from school and washed and dried them before we had to leave.

Eli didn't really enjoy being bundled in heavy clothes. He had a hard time walking and kept falling over, but that didn't stop him from getting where he wanted to go. The balloon glow was supposed to start around 6:00 and the fireworks around 7:30. We got there in plenty of time, but to our disappointment there weren't any balloons on our side of the river. In the years past, they have had hot air balloons on both sides of the river, but this year it didn't work out like that. We saw lots of our friends, walked up and down the riverwalk, tried our best to keep Eli in a good mood, but when his bedtime rolled around and there were still no signs of glowing balloons or fireworks, there was no stopping the inevitable...we had to go. Oh well! Better luck next year!

We brought our little man home and he crashed immediately. He was so tired. He was going to have a busy weekend because Grammy and Pop were coming to visit!

This is the only picture I was able to take that night.
Eli loved being able to pat the concrete wall overlooking the river.
Hey, he had to entertain himself somehow since he didn't have any balloons to look at that night!

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cheryl & dave w. said...

brody does that, too...we went to the park yesterday and much of the time he was more interested in the concrete wall than the play equipment! =) eli looks so cute bundled up!!!! i dred winter actually because brody HATES HATES HATES hats....and refuses to have on hoods or hats of any kind! =)

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