Friday, October 23, 2009

Rolling on the River

Saturday afternoon we took Grammy and Pop to the flea market at the balloon festival. Hey, we live in a small town, so when something is going on, you pretty much go to it, even if it's a flea market! I had heard that there was a booth that was selling Egyptian cotton 1000 thread count and 600 thread count sheets for $20, so that's really the only reason I wanted to go. It was kind of wet, so we thought that we'd just take Eli in his wagon. That worked out great! He was so comfortable riding around looking at all the sights, while chowing down on his Lil' Crunchies and drinking his juice. At one point, he wanted out of the wagon and he had fun walking back and forth with Pop. There really wasn't anything at the flea market, but Mom and I did pick up some sheets. I love good deals! We took a few pictures on the river walk and then went home. It was another great day with Grammy and Pop!

We were leaving the flea market and heard these dogs barking. We looked to see where they were and this is what we found. I had to take a picture because it looked like they really were driving that car. How cute!

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