Friday, October 30, 2009

Looking Back: Fourth Month

Eli's fourth month at home was spent finding his feet and playing with them every moment he got the chance.

He particularly enjoyed them in the bathtub when they were squeaky clean!

He went to his four month check up to see Dr. R where he got shots again and broke all of our hearts with his cries, but was better in no time at all after some loving from Mommy and Daddy.

She gave us the go ahead to try rice cereal with him, so that's what we did! Grammy and Pop came in that same weekend, so they were one of the first people to feed Eli rice cereal. As you can see, he seemed to enjoy it!

Eli also made his first of many trips out to the golf course with his Daddy. He couldn't play, but he brought his clubs anyway. These two are going to spend many Saturday mornings together in the years to come! It's going to be great bonding time for them! :)

Eli also spent his fourth month perfecting his rolling skills. He quickly discovered that rolling over again and again would get him places around the house that he had never been before, like under the end table...

and under Mammy's coffee table at her house.

Since his head and neck control were so much better, we bought Eli an exersaucer and he had a great time checking everything out and playing with it.

The Shirley's even let us borrow Molly's exersaucer so he could use it at Mammy's house. He really loved being able to bounce and play in it....MOST days. There were some days that Mammy was sure someone had placed tacks in the seat because he wanted nothing to do with it!

Eli's fourth month was the month for new toys because he also got to try out his Jumperoo his Uncle Tommy bought him for the very first time. He LOVED it! He eventually got to where he would only jump when he heard the music and he would jump in time to the music. I'm still hoping he gets his Daddy's rhythm and not mine.

March wasn't only Eli's 1st St. Patrick's Day, but it was also when Eli got his first cold. It wasn't bad at all now, looking back, but I remember being really concerned then. First time mom strikes again! Eli spent his 1st St. Patrick's Day at the doctor's office.

The best picture of all though is of Eli having applesauce for the first time. As you can see, he wasn't too impressed. He LOVES apples now though, so it goes to show you don't give up if they don't like it at first...try, try, again!

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