Friday, October 30, 2009

Looking Back: Fifth Month

Eli's fifth month was full of fun new experiences! Eli really began noticing the camera and would make lots of funny faces whenever he saw it.

And sometimes he would make some really sweet faces, too.

Eli also discovered that he could sit up and view the world. He loved the new view!

It was a big month of first because Eli took his first BIG road trip out of town. We went to Grammy and Pop's house for Easter. Eli was a CHAMP! He slept most of the way there and most of the way back. What a trooper!

Eli went to the mall to see the Easter bunny and had to stop to pick up his very first hat. Now he could look the part of the golfer at least!

Some kids cry when they see the Easter bunny, other scream, Eli was neither. He just chilled! Seeing the Easter bunny was a cakewalk for him! He even gave a little wave to show how much he liked it.

Eli also got to meet his blog friend, Brody. Brody's mom, Cheryl, and I met through a mutual friend, Jamie, and we decided to all meet up together. Eli was so intrigued with Brody's clothes and kept pulling on them during the entire visit. Poor Brody! He handled it so well though.

Eli also got to meet his Uncle David, Aunt Stephanie, and cousins from Texas for the first time.

Sunday morning, Eli got to see what the Easter bunny left for him. He was so excited, he even dressed the part, right down to his cottontail! Eli got lots of sweet goodies from the Easter bunny and enjoyed going through the basket to see his loot!

Later on this month, Eli experience another first...his first tractor ride! Uncle Clare and Mammy had a photo session with Eli on the tractor. He was learning all about farming from Uncle Clare. He needed to be knowledgeable so he could participate in any discussions Uncle Clare and MeMaw Tim might have about farming.

What a fun month it was! We began to discover that each month was always a little better than the last. Being parents to Eli was the best and most fun thing in the entire world!

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