Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Looking Back: Just Born

A couple of my friends have done this for their babies right before their birthdays and I think it's a great idea. I'm going to do a post every day for the next 12 days leading up to Eli's birthday, Nov. 6th, and use these posts to look back and reflect on each month. For those of you just new to the blog, you'll be able to get a brief synopsis of the things my little man has been doing for the past year.

Just Born

My delivery day couldn't have gone any easier. Eli was 3 days late and rather than wait for him to decide when he wanted to come, Josh and I made the decision to go ahead and induce. I was so happy to do this since I am such a planner. I liked knowing that everyone that needed to be there was going to be there in plenty of time and we wouldn't have the added stress of wondering where everyone was when I was delivering. Josh and I went to the hospital early that morning to check in and they started me on pitocin.

Lots of family members and friends stopped by and called to check on me during the early stages of my labor. It was so good to see everyone. We were all so excited that we were finally going to be able to meet my precious little boy! Nicki was in charge of pictures and she did a wonderful job! Lots of these pictures are from her! (Thanks again, Nicki!)

After they broke my water and increased my pitocin dosage, my contractions started to get stronger. Mom and Dad arrived shortly after my contractions intensified and it wasn't long after that I requested an epidural (God's gift of medicine to pregnant women, in my book!).

My labor really progressed once my body was able to relax after the epidural. My actual delivery went great. Dr. C, my nurses, and Josh all did a WONDERFUL job of helping me focus and concentrate and after about 15-20 minutes of pushing, Eli Daniel Wilson entered our little world and it has not been the same ever since. He was 7 lbs. 14 oz., 21 in. long and had a head full of dark brown hair. One of my favorite funny memories from that day is right after Eli came out, he decided to say "Hi!" to all the nurses by peeing on them. How funny!

Josh and I were over the moon in love with our little boy and still are! We were so happy to show him off to all our family and friends. It was a great, great day! Our hospital stay was wonderful. Eli had lots of visitors and it was great getting to show him off to everyone.

My favorite time in the hospital was when it was just the three of us at night. Josh and I would unwrap Eli from his swaddling blanket and lay him on the bed and just stare at him marveling over just how wonderful he was. He was so precious!

Eli passed all his tests with flying colors and we were able to come home Saturday, Nov. 8th. Our new life as a family of three was just beginning and we couldn't wait to see what God has in store for us


Audra said...

What a great idea! I remember seeing the post where you announced his arrival. Even though I don't know you IRL, I was so excited for you! I had to go tell Andrew all about it. ;) Eli was a beautiful newborn baby. I loooove his hair!

Penny said...

Awww! How sweet! Every time someone posts all these wonderful pictures of their new babies, it makes me jealous. You should see the quality of the pictures of my kids. :( I am so thankful that the pictures of my grandkids are a lot better.
Eli is still a little doll. =)

The Glenn Gang said...

This post reminds me of "her sister...you know, the big girl in green!" HAHAHA! What a day!

I remember being so bummed that I had to leave to go to the RSI meeting at church. What a fun day full of memories.

Anonymous said...

So precious then and now! Y'all are wonderful parents to a great little boy and I thank God for the three of you. His blessings never end!

Baylee's Mommy said...

Wow I can't believe he is almost a year old! He is a precious baby boy. Happy EARLY Birthday to Eli and Congratulations to you on making it through that first year! ;)
It is smooth sailing at this point....NOT! haha But wonderful nonetheless!

Heather said...

This is a great idea! We had all our immediate family members write a letter to our daughter outlining special memories or moments of their first year with her and we put them in a notebook. Pretty soon we'll be asking them to write their second year letter to her. The years just seem to fly by once you have children don't they? I hope he has a great birthday!

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