Thursday, October 29, 2009

Looking Back: Second Month

Our second month brought lots of excitement to the Wilson household. We had established a little bit of a schedule with Eli and he was doing great. The eat, sleep, play routine was working best with him, so that's what we did. Mommy milk was doing its job and making Eli get fat and chubby. He weighed almost 13 pounds at his 2nd month well baby visit! WOW! Josh went back to work and Eli and I spent our days at home. I LOVED LOVED LOVED being able to spend this time with Eli and being able to bond with him. My days were spent feeding Eli, burping Eli, changing Eli, playing with Eli, rocking Eli, trying to make him smile, doing photo sessions, and I loved every minute. This Mommy thing was going great!

Eli celebrated his first Christmas and his first New Years and even though he was only two months old, he got lots of gifts-just a foreshadowing of Christmases to come, I guess! Who cares about Mommy and Daddy anymore when you've got a grandbaby to spoil? Eli did show that he wasn't too impressed with Santa. Oh well, maybe next year he'll like him a bit more.

Eli and I started to venture out of the house a little bit. I found that he loved being outside, so we took walks around the neighborhood whenever the weather was nice. He even had his first outside photo session with his friend Jonah. Eli also got to try his hand at dry cleaning when he went to visit Nicki and Mr. Jimmy at work one day. Two months old and they're already putting him to work!

Eli also attended the first of many LSU games at the Welch's house. He even had his own jersey and everything! He was the cutest little tiger in attendance :)

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