Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Balloon Race Weekend-Sunday Morning

Sunday morning, the last day of the balloon races, we woke up bright and early. I received a text from our paper saying that the balloons were going to fly over the mall again. so Eli woke Grammy and Pop up and we headed to the mall to see some balloons before church.

Eli was in a great mood and loved walking around and playing in the wet grass. He would live outside if he could, I think. Eli was also in heaven, because not only was he outside, but he had his Pop with him. I love watching Eli and my dad interact with each other. They both adore each other and it's so sweet to watch them together. This particular morning I got some really sweet pictures of the two of them watching the balloons together. What a special moment!

Looks like he is doing a karate move.

Soooo excited to finally see the balloons above the treetops.

They have so much fun together!

Pop and Eli counting all the balloons.

Look at Eli's face! Isn't it precious?

Intently watching for balloons

What a beautiful sight to see in the morning!

Happy Balloon Race 2010!

Eli and Pop

This was THE BEST balloon race weekend ever since I met Josh. I'm so glad that we got to see all the balloons and let Eli experience it firsthand! I can't wait until next year!

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