Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Pumpkin Carving

Saturday morning before Halloween we woke up and made an impromptu decision that we needed to finally carve the pumpkins that had been gracing our door for the entire month. Nothing like procrastination! As you can tell, Josh was SUPER excited to be carving pumpkins :)

Maggie joined in on the fun and we discovered that she LOVES pumpkin!

I printed off a Mickey Mouse template from the internet and was so pleased with how it turned out. It took a long time to do, but it was worth it in the end.

While we were busy carving pumpkins, our neighbors kitty cat, Lola, came over to visit. Josh and I are dog people. no offense to you cat people out there, but Eli absolutely LOVES cats. He definitely doesn't get it from us. Eli and Lola played for about an hour. He was in cat heaven! Poor Lola though. I guess she didn't realize what she was signing up for when she came over to play. I guess she didn't figure a very excited almost two year old would be her play date for the morning. At one point, Lola climbed the tree in our yard to escape the incessant pleas of "I hold kitty cat!" from Eli.

Josh and I decided to carve lots of pumpkins for Trunk or Treat that night. We thought that they'd look pretty cool lit up at night. While we were working on those, Eli decided the Mickey Mouse pumpkin that I'd worked so diligently on, needed a little revision. Here's HIS final product.

And here's some of the other pumpkins we carved that morning. I sketched them and Josh did the dirty work. We're a great team!

We were looking forward to a spooktacular Trunk or Treat that night!

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