Wednesday, November 3, 2010

School Fall Carnival

Friday, October 30th, was a very busy day for me. Not only did I have Eli's school party to attend but our school had it's Fall Carnival. Each grade level decided to dress up as something together. The first grade teachers decided that we'd be witches. I've never been a witch before (not intentionally at least...ha ha) so it was super fun buying accessories for my costume. Wal-Mart had the cutest lime green and black striped tights that made me look like one of the witches from The Wizard of Oz. I got to school Friday morning and my other wonderful witches were there all decked out in their witchy attire. None of us even thought to carry around a broom though. We took a picture and then tried our best to have a somewhat normal day in the classroom. Can you imagine your first grade teacher dressing like this and then having to take tests?

After lunch, and after I got back from Eli's school party, the entire school went outside for some Fall Carnival fun. Everyone had such a great time. I think this will probably become an annual event for our school. The weather was perfect and it was fun seeing all the kids dressed in their costumes. These are the kind of days they will remember when they get older and I'm glad our school recognizes that it's okay to have fun :)

Speaking of fun, look at some of the costumes the teachers at my school wore. All I can say is that I work with a great group of women!

2 blind mice...the other mouse didn't make it for the picture

Me and my former aide, Sondra
(Sondra and the rest of the 2nd grade teachers dressed as basketball players.
One second grade teacher is prego, so she was the basketball. Pretty creative!)

Me and my current aide, Lisa
(She was dressed as a Viking, our school mascot.)

Me and one of my good friends, Sarah. We have so much fun teaching together!
She actually is prego with her 3rd baby. They're almost positive it's a girl, too!

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