Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Trick or Treat for Little Feet

Friday night after school the town near us was having a special Trick or Treat for Little Feet downtown. A lot of the business owners in that area were going to stand at the doors of their shops and pass candy out to kids. It sounded like a fun event for my little boy, so we rushed home from school, quickly ate a snack, and got ready to go Trick or Treating. My good friend, Sarah, and her two boys, Clayton and Cooper, were planning on going, too, so we decided to meet and trick or treat together.

Eli was much more cooperative this time as far as wearing his costume goes. My mom bought him this monkey costume last year, but he was too small for it. This year he was able to fit into it, well, the pants were almost a little too short, but it still worked!

We got to our meeting spot a little early, so we took some pictures while we were waiting for Sarah, Clayton, and Cooper to arrive. I never really got a great picture, but these were good enough. At least he was kind of looking in the direction of the camera :)

Our friends finally arrived and I took some pictures of them before we began our walk. Clayton dressed as everyone's favorite sheriff, Sheriff Woody. Cooper was a tiger, a tiger that was really sleepy :(

Trick or Treat for Little Feet was pretty fun. There weren't as many shop owners passing out candy as the newspaper and radio had led us to believe, but our boys didn't seem to notice or care. I am very thankful that we live in a community that offers safe trick or treating places for parents to take their children. Here are some of the characters we saw on our walk!

Guess he didn't like his costume :)

A busy little bee!

On our way back to the car, we happened to run into the cutest little lamb we've ever seen...Ms. Addibug herself :) She and her mommy and daddy were just getting there as we were leaving. I'm sure she got lots of goodies :) How could she not looking this cute?

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