Saturday, November 13, 2010

Eli's Birthday Party at School

For my birthday, my mom bought me this book.

It probably has THE cutest collection of cupcakes that I've ever seen complete with step by step instructions on how to make them yourself. I was really excited when she gave it to me because it had a certain cupcake in there that we had already talked about me doing for Eli's birthday party-the horse cupcake below.

I looked at the instructions and it seemed super simple. I bought all the ingredients I needed and the night before Eli's birthday party at school, I made my first batch of horse cupcakes. I have to say I was SO HAPPY with how they turned out! My only complaint would be that the cupcakes in the book used white circus peanuts instead of orange. I have never seen white circus peanuts in my life, so I had to use orange circus peanuts and dip them in white chocolate. Even with that minor alteration they still turned out pretty darn cute, if I do say so myself :)

I took the day off from work on Friday so I could do some last minute shopping for his party the next day. I also wanted to be able to go to his little birthday celebration at school with him rather than just sending the cupcakes. I got to school a little early so I was finally able to take some pictures of his classroom. Josh and I have been SO PLEASED with how he's been doing at school. We LOVE his teachers! They are always so complimentary of Eli and say he does exactly what he's supposed to do. It makes this Mama very happy :)

They inside from recess and Eli was so excited to see me. It made my heart so happy :) He kept saying, "Mama, stay school me? Mama, sit me?" (Translation: Mama, stay at school with me? Mama, sit down with me?) We passed out his cupcakes to all his friends at school and then they sang, "Happy Birthday," to Eli. They started before I could switch over to my video setting, so I didn't get all of it, but it's still pretty sweet. His friends loved the cupcakes and so did Eli! Funny story, this week at school they were studying nutritious food and the food pyramid. I told his teachers that I'd completely blown their lesson for the week with my cupcakes-chocolate cupcakes, chocolate icing, sugary circus peanuts dipped in chocolate, and chocolate sugar wafers. Sounds nutritious to me, ha ha ha.

After they ate their cupcakes and cleaned their hands, Eli and his classmates got to play a little before all the parents started arriving to pick them up.

Then before we left I attempted to get a picture of Eli with his two teachers, Mrs. A and Mrs. S. It's hard to see his shirt, but it's so cute. Karianna, a friend from church, made it for Eli. She did such a great job on it! It's the number 2 in bandana print with his name across the front of the 2 and a cowboy hat on top. It was quite hard to get a picture of Eli. He was quickly approaching nap time and you could tell. This is actually the second picture I took and Mrs. A's hand is in the air because she was trying to make Eli laugh for me :) It kind of looks like she's waving though. She's so cute!

My birthday boy got his backpack and we headed home. We had lots to do to get ready for his birthday party the next day! He'd had a super fun day and couldn't wait for more!

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