Saturday, July 7, 2012

Celebrating June Birthdays

The weekend of Andrea's first baby shower our whole family went out to eat to celebrate all the June birthdays. June is a pretty busy birthday month for our family-my brother Josh, Josh (my husband), my dad, Josh's dad, my cousin Emily, and Andrea all have birthday in June. Whew! We decided to go out to eat and celebrate them all! While we were at the restaurant we gave Emily and Dad some of their gifts. Emily got some new clothes from my mom, my grandmother and me, and Josh and Andrea gave her a CD player she wanted. 

All three of the kids gave Dad our gifts and Joshua surprised Dad by giving him a sentimental card-we usually do funny ones. Dad was fake crying, but it did make him tear up a little. Josh and Andrea gave Dad a gift card to Home Depot. You can never go wrong with that gift!

Eli helped me pick out Pop's card and even helped personalize it for him. 

Every 53 year old man loves a Toy Story card :)

I decided to get Dad a Kindle Touch for his birthday. I also got my hubby, Josh, one for his birthday. Can you tell I like giving easy gifts? Dad isn't a huge reader, but he's a techie and likes having gadgets. Plus, I LOVE my Kindle and the portability of it. I figured Dad would enjoy being able to take it with him to work and when he travels. He seemed pretty excited about it :)

I told Caleb what I was getting Dad and told him to get a cover to match. How's that for being a bossy big sister? Haha! I figured that was easier than him searching for something to get for Dad.

Once again, the self designated family photographer that I am made sure to go around and take pictures of all the family. 

Joshua and Andrea

Caleb and Kailey

Andrea's Parents

Grandma and Emily

Mom and Dad

Me and Joshua

Caleb, me, Joshua

We had lots of fun celebrating all the special people in our family. I'm so glad we all live relatively close that we can get together and celebrate fun times like these!

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