Monday, July 9, 2012

Cupcakes and Tea for the Mommy to Be

When Andrea and Josh first announced they were pregnant, Mom, Kailey, and I immediately started filing ideas away for Andrea's baby shower. When they revealed that they were having a girl, we knew right away what we wanted to do...a tea party! We all started pinning ideas away on Pinterest. We couldn't wait to plan a shower for Andrea and her sweet little bundle :) 

After months and months of planning, before we knew it, it was time for the baby shower! We all drove into town for the shower, but before Andrea's big day, we planned a special girl's day. We spent the day before the shower getting pedicures, watching the movie "What to Expect When You're Expecting", and going to lunch. It was lots of fun being together!

Saturday night when we got back to the house from our Girl's Day, the last minute preparations began! We gathered up all the teacups and saucers Kailey and my mom had found at thrift stores, made tissue paper flowers, baked cookies, and much more. My job for the shower was to make the ruffle cake that was going to be the centerpiece on the dessert table. I watched the tutorial on YouTube, bought the special tips, bags, and cake mix, and even did a test cake at home. I was ready! Saturday night my little helper helped me mix up the cake mix and when the cake was ready, it was time for me to get to work. I opted to make my own icing that way I could get it to the consistency I wanted. I found an easy buttercream icing recipe on the internet and tinted it pink. I have to say I'll probably never buy store bought icing again because of how yummy this tasted!

Notice the intense concentration :)

The ruffle technique was not difficult at all

The finished product! 
Another hostess, Mrs. Lynn, let Mom borrow this beautiful cake stand and Mom attached tulle all around to make it look like a tutu. I thought the cake was so cute!!

The day of the shower we got to the clubhouse early so we could decorate before the guests arrived. I love how everything looked when we finished! It was all so darling!

Kailey made all the monograms with her Cricut

Kailey also made Tinsley's banner. 
It was precious!

My ruffle cake complete with a teacup on top :)

The sign-in table where the guests signed one of three books for Tinsley

The "milk bottles" (Starbucks Frappucino bottles) 
with pink and gray paper straws for the drinks.

My brother, Josh, and Andrea

Every guest had to fill out their prediction card for Tinsley

Hope Cards each guest filled out for Tinsley to go on the "Hope Tree"

These were the three books the guests signed when they first came in. I love that Tinsley will read these growing up and know just how much she was loved!

All the family filled out their hope cards for Tinsley before the shower that way there would be some already hanging on the tree and so the guests would know where to put theirs.

My dad's hope card for Tinsley

My brother Caleb's hope card

My mom's hope card

My brother Josh's hope card

My hope card for Tinsley

Josh and me
(Some lady at the shower though we were twins...I don't see it!)

Mom with two of the hostesses-Julie and her mom Lynn

Mom and her best friend Pam

My cousin Holly and her little boy Hayden

Some of Andrea's family

My cousin Christina, our youngest "hostess with the mostest"

Mom and Josh

The happy mommy-to-be

Josh and Andrea had to leave right after the shower to go back home, so Josh came to the shower and helped Andrea open the gifts. He didn't mind at all that he was the only boy :)

Time for games! Julie read a description and if that description fit you then you got to hold the bag.
For example, if you have the most children, then this pink bag is for you. It kept going and going around the room...

Until it finally made it's way to Andrea so she could open it and find...

Her corsage for the shower :)

While Andrea opened her gifts, all the guests started to chow down on all the yummy food!

The chocolate fountain was a BIG hit!

Mom and Mrs. Barbara (Andrea's mom) helped Andrea open her gifts

The Hope Cards filling up the tree

Tinsley's coming home outfit

Monkey sock hat my mom gave her

Andrea and Josh couldn't find the bedding that they wanted, so they asked if my grandmother would make it for them. They bought the material they liked and gave it to her. This is what my grandmother has finished so far. I think it looks great!

After all the gifts were opened, we still had a few minutes so Andrea and Josh read all the Hope Cards the guests filled out for Tinsley. I think it's so sweet that these will be kept for her for years and years and she'll always have them.

As a parting gift, each guest got to stop by the Cookie Bar and fill a bag with cookies to take home with them. 

Andrea with all the hostesses

Mrs. Barbara, Andrea, and my mom

Tinsley already loves her Manna. Andrea says she moves the most when I touch her belly :)
I can't wait to see that sweet little girl!

Me, Andrea, Kailey

Josh and Andrea

Andrea and her grandmother

Mrs. Barbara, Andrea, and her aunt

Christina, Julie, and Josh

Kailey and me

Mom and me

It was a beautiful shower. Andrea, Josh, and Tinsley got so many wonderful things. Now all we have to do is wait for their little girl to get here! It won't be long at all!

P.S. I have to give a HUGE shout out to my brothers and my dad for watching and taking care of Eli all weekend while I helped with the shower. He had so much fun bonding with the guys!

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Well, hands down, cutest baby shower EVER!

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