Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Swimming at Ms. Lori's

At the end of Eli's week of swimming lessons with Mrs. Tanya we went to visit our friend Ms. Lori. We hadn't seen her since she came to visit us back in the winter so a visit was long overdue. We also had to take some pool stuff that we didn't need back to the store where I used to work. I worked at this pool store all through college and loved it. My bosses, Mr. Robin and Mrs. Suzanne, are two of the kindest people ever and they were so good to me! I hadn't visited with them since I was pregnant with Eli, so it was so nice to see them and catch up on everything going on in their lives.

After our visit there, we met Lori and went to eat at Five Guys. Josh was super happy about that! Sam's Club was nearby, so we made a special trip there to look at pool loungers and chairs. We ended up finding exactly what needed :) Success! We headed back to Lori's house so Eli could take a nap and the adults could get some pool time. Just what we needed. It made us miss the days that we got to spend relaxing with Lori and our friends during college. 

When Eli woke up from his nap, he joined us in the pool and showed off some of his new swimming skills. We were all super impressed! Another friend of ours, Jen, came and joined us at Lori's pool for a pool day. We literally stayed in her pool swimming, jumping off the diving board, doing tricks, and having fun until about 7 o'clock that night. It was wonderful, especially when we got to order BJ's Pizza (almost identical to Johnny's Pizza) and eat it poolside. Yum-o! 

Swimming to Ms. Lori


Aren't we a fun family?

Josh is such a kid at heart and can still do all the tricks he learned growing up! 
He puts me to shame :)

Loving on Ms. Lori

Since Eli was going so well jumping in and swimming to the side, we decided to let him branch out a little more. We asked if he wanted to go off the diving board and swim to the side. At first he said no, but when Josh said he'd help him, he was ready!

He was a little nervous at first...

Then he jumped and a little daredevil was born :)

After that first jump, he literally jumped about 30 more times that afternoon. He LOVED it! 

We all took turns being down in the deep end just in case Eli needed us, but he never did. He'd swim to the side or to the ladder and then go again. I was so impressed!

Eli and Jen

Josh had lots of fun showing all the things he could do off the diving board. I could never do this....

Ms. Lori and Daddy had a little water fight...

Then everything was all good :)

Eli discovered the joys of being thrown into the air by his Daddy.

Daddy showed us his perfect dive.

I showed off the one thing I can do well...a cannonball :)

I also attempted to do a flip off the diving board and ended up doing a belly flop and then a back buster when I tried again. There may or may not be footage of that somewhere ;)

At the end of the day we were all thoroughly exhausted, but in a good way. We can't wait to see Ms. Lori and Jen again! Thanks for a wonderful day!

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