Friday, July 27, 2012

Fourth of July, 2012

For those of you that come to this blog daily expecting to see recent posts, I'm so sorry. It's gotten harder to update lately just because we're so busy. I have about six posts ready to go, so hopefully I'll get to those very soon. For now, let's go back to the beginning of the month :)

This year for the Fourth of July, we invited the Hargons, Mammy and Uncle Clare, and Zue-Zue over to the house to barbecue and to swim in the pool with us. The food was so yummy thanks to the Pioneer Woman and Pinterest. My life and my waistline have been forever changed because of those two sources. Goodness! I made the Pioneer Woman's salsa and potato salad and they were both SO GOOD! From Pinterest, I made the coconut fruit dip (BEST fruit dip EVER!) and a banana caramel pie. OH.MY.WORD. That pie was incredible. I'll definitely be keeping that recipe :) Josh grilled burgers, we all swam, ate until we were going to burst, and then sat around talking and having fun. Everyone left and our family of three made our way to the river front to watch the annual fireworks show. 

You might be able to see that I'm kind of obsessed with taking pictures in front of the bridges when they're lit up. They're so pretty!

My two favorite boys

Me with my little man

In the past when we've gone, the fireworks show was delayed for a long time. We worried that it would happen this year, but they were very punctual! Eli loved watching the fireworks and sat entranced in our laps during the entire show. Well, until he found out that my watch I was wearing had the Indiglo light and from that point on he just wanted to push that button to make it light up.

I love doing things that make wonderful memories for my family and I am so thankful to all the men and women that fight to protect that right and that freedom for me. Happy Fourth of July to you all!! I hope you and your family had a wonderful day celebrating the wonderful freedoms we have!

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