Friday, July 27, 2012

T-Ball Player in Training

Ever since he could walk, Eli has loved all sports-basketball, soccer, baseball, football. If he's anything like his Daddy was when he was little, Eli is going to be a little sports junkie :)  Josh was (and still is) one of those people who excelled at all sports, even if it's a sport he never really played. He is just a natural athlete. Hopefully, Eli got his Daddy's genes and not his Mommy's. I'm not a klutz or anything 
(Josh would probably contest that statement), but I'm not a natural athlete. I did play basketball, soccer, and softball growing up, but sports never became my thing. 

Eli so far has enjoyed and done well at all the sports we've introduced to him so far. He loves basketball and has gotten much better at dribbling lately. Not having a dining room table in our dining room has actually been helpful because he's been able to practice in there :) He seemed to really enjoy soccer, so we bought him a small goal for the backyard. He and his Daddy have had lots of fun kicking the ball around together. He's got a really good arm on him and can throw the football pretty far for a kid his age and is getting better on catching. 

Most recently, t-ball has been the focus around our house. Eli had the Little Tikes t-ball set from when he was a baby, but Josh thought he was ready for the real thing :) The other day he came home and brought Eli a surprise. A "real" baseball bat, practice balls, and tee! Eli was SO EXCITED and couldn't wait to try them out with his Daddy!

This picture makes me so ready for t-ball next year! 
I can't wait!

My handsome hunk and very proud daddy!

Eli must have swung that bat twenty times and had a great hit every time. I don't know how next year's t-ball season will go, but if he has fun playing that's all that will matter to me. We're not going to be parents that force him to play every sport, but we do want him to be active and be on a team. Plus, playing sports help build confidence and will help him learn teamwork. There are so many great benefits to playing sports. I really do look forward to spending my summers at the ball park next year. I think it's going to be lots of fun-for him and for us!

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